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Tourism in American Samoa

Information about tourism in American Samoa and where to find American Samoa travel guides on the Internet.

American Samoa Tourism Office
The official American Samoa Tourism Web site includes information about the history, culture, government, lodging, and visitor attractions in American Samoa. Their office in American Samoa is located near the international airport in Tafuna.

WikiTravel American Samoa Travel Guide
Includes an introduction to American Samoa for visitors and information about its islands, cities, most popular visitor destinations, how to get there, how to get around, and how to respect the local culture.

David Stanley's American Samoa Travel Guide
This online American Samoa Travel guide is edited by the author of the Moon Handbooks "South Pacific" travel guidebook. The Web site highlights some of American Samoa's best visitor attractions and it also includes an introduction to American Samoa, fast facts, travel facts, and information about things to see and places to visit on Tutuila Island and the three Manua Islands.

David Stanley's American Samoa FAQ
Questions and answers about American Samoa by Moon Handbooks South Pacific author David Stanley.

iExplore - American Samoa Travel Guide
The iExplore American Samoa guide include an overview for visitors, where to go, country information, weather, food, dining, visa, health, tours, activities, history, travel, shopping, photos, and American Samoa Travel tips.

Lonely Planet American Samoa Travel Guide
The Lonely Planet American Samoa online guide includes their top visitor attractions picks, an introduction to American Samoa for visitors, fast facts, when to go, weather, a map, how to get there, how to get around, and places to visit in American Samoa.

Frommer's American Samoa Travel Guide
Arthur Frommer's American Samoa travel Web site includes a self-guided walking tour of Pago Pago, reviews of several American Samoa hotels, information about a few restaurants and cafes, an introduction to the National Park of American Samoa, and visitor attractions on the north, east, and west sides of Tutuila Island.

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